The Battle of Better

Veins of creativity ran dry from animosity.

Caught in a lustful trap

Seeking to out-beat every drop that surpassed.

In this ocean of humanity,

All rivers trickle to the same destination.

Each one,

Meandering through individual hurdles.

Yet, still we seek to out do the other,

There’s this constant need to feel better.

It’s like trying to place a made to fit glove of another

Attempting, but struggling to squeeze your hand under…

Don’t you see?

It just won’t fit right.

This is your journey, your time, your life to shine.

Do not be phased by the best glimpses of others’ lives.

An age as such, has taken away all sense of raw sight.

Why get caught up in this race, in this illusory battle?

Be patient.

Your best is in process,

Cast away all doubt that lurks in your mind,

This will be your true progress.


Categories: Poetry

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