The stories of those whom

Love graced life to,

Never end at death.

Just like Ranjha rose in love for Heer

And Radha sung Krishna’s praise

Your story is eternal

No different from the others

Yet still a master piece.

Scrolls of kindness,

The formation of your heart

Your words like feathers

Gentle and pure.

Your teaching of peace

Subtle yet adored

The ripple effect of your aura

Touching soul after soul.

But since Love beckoned you to come here

Love beckoned you back home too

You taught us that it is

From love we all come

And To love we all will go

But the grace you left

Touching whomever you met

That will save us

From whatever is yet to come

Enriched journeys

Decorated by you

Step by step

Let’s embrace the new.

Categories: Poetry

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