Longing; the Conversations in my Mind

Choosing denial

I still see you in glimpses

Fractures of time in snippets.

Minutes slow down

When I begin to think

When it hits me all over again;

Like a tonne of bricks.

Your presence, still intact

I’m sure of that.

But this is a long story,

I’m not ready to go back.

Searching for answers to what life’s become

Because everything without you is so dull.

How to escape this nightmare

How to continue living in such despair?

I try to take joy within little moments,

To focus on love and not feel broken.

“Open your eyes, dawn is approaching.”

“But this isn’t right, please turn back time.”

Then you say to me,

“Faith is key, focus on what lies ahead, in the end you’ll see what I mean.”

So even when you’ve parted

and this longing has become life;

Let me rejoice in your kindness,

Your love and this heart will always collide.

Categories: Poetry

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