It’s not like the wind will stop

The storms we now feel have always been

Just before; your grace cradled us,

You were the reason the lamps within could be seen.

The waves and the ocean

The art and the artist

The creator and the creation

The inspiration, it’s all you.

But now it seems we must continue this journey

The process from acceptance to belief is due.

My heart still cries for one last embrace

My soul aches to see your radiant face

To feel once again the energy felt in your presence

To experience those moments of bliss

Feeling the essence.

Though I’d do anything

To turn back time,

To relive those minutes and hours

In your name,

I know you are still here

In this silence and solitude,

You are still here as memories engraved on the walls of my heart

Within my love and eternal gratitude.

It’s impossible to repay you for all you did

So I seek blessings to ‘look ahead,’

Just like you said.

Now I ask from your form in the formless;

To make me a sunflower worthy of bowing down to the light,

The all pervading,

The timeless.

To live such a life is my true tribute

To be dawn for every person who crosses my path

To be a source of comfort and

True happiness.

Categories: Poetry

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