Living in a World of Ignorance

In a world full of walls

She looked for the one who’d break them all

Searching in fright

Aching to catch a glimpse of light

Bloodshed tears and pain

That’s all she knew

At a mere age of three

With no home in view.

No family to call her own

Separated and torn.

Where is humanity now?

In a what name do you bow down?

Tell me which God or scripture

Signs you up to killing?

How do you not see

This is the work of the ignorant and extremists?

How do you live with yourself

Seeing the thousands

Screaming and suffering?

Open your eyes and minds

This is not our purpose

This is not religion.

Religion was made to understand the truth

But you lay here idle

In a vicious cycle of your denial

Enraging me from within

My blood boils at such sin

So much hatred and corruption

Why is it impossible for you to see our world

In harmony and togetherness?

Categories: Poetry

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