Seeking Yourself; You’ll Discover The World.

Seeking validation

In the eyes of another,

Lost in a cycle,

Unaware her glance alone, stroke Earth like thunder.

Society pointing to the exterior

Unaware of what was yet to be found.

Removing the veil

Reigniting a flame,

The light that resided within,

Beaming brightly again.

There is no individual out there to discover,

Time and time again

This is the truth I uncover.

Find yourself,

Find the energy that feeds your passions,

It is there you’ll find the answers you so achingly desire.

Looking outward will bring compromise,

Be sure to love purely and sincerely,

But even for a second; do not doubt your worth.

You are a lighthouse;

A reflection of divinity.

A romance with the Beloved,

In its intimate infancy.


Categories: Poetry

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