Who Is There?

Who is there now,
To mend this breaking heart?
To cherish and to hold,
Every weeping part.
This world gave me pleasure,
This world gave me grief,
But I only found comfort
Surrendering myself at His feet.
I keep trying to direct my sail
But when the wind blows,
And the tides are rough,
It’s me who struggles to bail.
I can no longer take the pain
When things don’t go my way,
But then I’m reminded,
“Dear child this is all I’ve been trying to say.”
But how do I stop worrying,
And questioning my uncalm?
“Remove your ‘self’
And sit in my darbaar.”
All I did was try to act on
Your word,
But look where it took me;
A place I had only heard.
It’s dark and so far,
I didn’t even see myself
Straying away, apart.
“It is okay my dear,
This is all part of your journey,
Just remember next time
The unsettled churning.
I am always present,
Within each and every heart.
In the space that surrounds you,
Near and far.
Some are unaware,
Some are broken;
Just be understanding,
And remember it’s their mere ignorance.
When everything is right,
You will know.
Until then,
Keep your heart strong.
Just know this;
That you are a part of me
As I am a part of you
And for this reason,
You should never feel alone.”
But what if I still feel weak?
What if I feel I cannot carry on?
“Just remind yourself
That those who cannot love the shadows
Are not made to love the light.
And those who see the spark
Will ignite a fire of love in every heart alike.”


Categories: Poetry

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