Vasudev Kutumbakam || वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्

When it was just me and you, everything was so simple.
Without any people – I thought i reached the state; the ‘ultimate goal.’
It took the notion of my destruction
To realise I was missing the entire key.
But I am aware now
That this whole Earth is my family.
I unlock the door,
Open to a state of nothingness.
Nothingness that makes me; everything,
Everything in this oneness.
I come alive in Your name
A bliss so electric.
Soul to soul,
Drop to drop,
I am so love-sick.
A journey so divine, I cannot describe.
But dear friend I urge you
Unlock your potential; know this presence.
The form in the formless;
The formless in the form.
A paradox? Maybe,
But a lifechanging treasure, so unknown.

Categories: Poetry

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