The Spiritual Path

I see the power of God.

I see the highs and lows.
I see how they impact and deter,
Every single soul.
Isn’t it funny how life flows
Despite seeing Your light, wherever I go.
The dust of Your feet is my only abode.
When any darkness strikes,
With Your grace I’ve learnt to let go,
Because You are me and I am one with You; One presence. One soul.
TuHi- You ARE – and isn’t that all we really need to know?
These thoughts and emotions can sometimes fool us,
We assume, we filter, we think we are in control.
Dear friend what is it that you desire,
When He is the ONE who holds it all.
I humbly plead,
Let me never think I am more than just a vessel of Your deed.
When my mind wanders,
Cleanse me with Your remembrance,
Let it bloom within and around,
So tall, so high that I never doubt.
Floating above the situation,
Within You, in balance – unaffected.
Keep me rooted in You,
In every relation, every situation.
Because it’s never the other person
The faults and flaws lie in my perception.
Broaden me, let me dive further into Your realm.
When I’m seen, let Your light be the only presence felt.
I wish nothing more than to serve You
Till my last breath keep me facing the ground  and this soul lost in the whirl of Your love;
Dancing to Your silence,
Within every sound.
How small we are, how big we make irrelevant wordly “problems”
You carry the weight of it all,
But still love us no matter how much we fall.
Day and night, no sleep, no rest
The consistent commitment, the endless sacrifices,
Yet we still fail to overcome our simple vices.
Constantly shedding Your light
The perfect gift, our soul’s delight
Despite all these things,
We still crave Your presence.
But the real question is,
Can we also become so flawlessy self-less?

Categories: Poetry

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