From You to You

The self
What is it?
Your name, your religion?
Your background or job?
Where do you come from?
The womb of your mother?
The galaxy
Or beyond?
Change is constant
Universes expanding, contracting
Day and night.
Time, matter, space
What’s real?
Is it merely your face?
You feel a beat in your heart
But still let your ego, the material, beat you.
You feel love from within
Yet hate your fellow kin.
You have not yet seen the face of this Beloved
What is,
and without,
Like a flower that grows and blooms to give fragrance,
We too have a material purpose.
To serve and give,
To light the way
Let’s live it
What else is there to say?
The You in us all
We return back to One.
Tu-Hi Tu-Hi Tu
What are you waiting for?
Just THINK for a minute,
You have already won.
The garden is vast,
different colours and shapes.
The ground keeps us rooted
Yet we feel like we’re being looted.
What is ours to call our own?
When in a split second of Your will
It could all be out the window,
There are as many paths to the creator
As there are souls on Earth.
Just for a second,
FEEL the warmth,
You won’t be lost.
This I and my
It leaves us talking.
Why can’t it be just You
You to see in all those wandering?
Soul before faces
Darkness leaves
Your love, the oversoul
It encases me.
Keep me in this light
Let me never fall behind.
The minute I forget You
Take away this life.
Bless me to be the candle
Reflecting Your light
Whatever You make of me
Fly me high as Your kite.

Categories: Poetry

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