2014 – Spiritual Awakening

Surrounded by darkness,
I ached for a way.
Trial after trial,
But still, going further astray.
Guided onto the right path, I tried moulding myself to do good.
Stripping myself of me,
But still distinguishing the lotus from its mud.
See I had it all wrong,
For He just is.
There is no I or you.
No he or she,
No they or my…
“Rid me of my mind,”
I asked.
Then one with You,
Won by You,
You placed me in line.
The world could not save me,
The only cure was You.
Rebuilt from the start,
You changed my entire roop.
“Remember the teachings,”
“Remember the gian,”
You said.
Little did I realise then,
It resonates on every path I now tread.
A changed life, a changed being,
How amazing Your strokes,
In ‘my’ life’s painting.
A masterpiece for every soul,
You alone have it all.
Unfolding situations,
Rising and falling in You,
You show us all
That life isn’t just in the surviving,
But in the thriving of feeling each and every soul.
People call me positive
They say: “it’s lovely to see you,”
But they don’t realise,
It is You they see.
They still don’t realise,
There is no difference between You and me.
For now I know,
My source and my end.
What is there for me to fear,
When it was You who chose this child of Yours to peer.
To feel You are there through it all,
Whether You place me in heaven on Earth,
Or on the beggar’s floor.
Bliss is here within You,
In the silence of this moment.
I keep asking for forgiveness,
But Your grace is so endless.
Keep me here,
Let this feeling never die.
Keep me as Your tool for the world,
Let me be Your love, impearled.

Categories: Poetry

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