Reflections – Religion and Human(u)nity

Religion. Split the word: ri-lij-uh n – derived from Old French and Latin meaning; consciousness, equivalent to tie, to bind.

“I believe in any religion that puts treating people with respect and dignity above ritual and dogma.” Strange right? When I read this, I thought what has humanity come to that now, such simple things are having to be thought about, quoted, and shared on social media. What is religion in today’s society? A social standing? Another label? Another way of identifying oneself with their heritage? WHAT has it truly become? I urge you to take a second to think…

It has got to a point where religion is a norm for people to use as a tool of division. A way to cause disruption to the peace that IS without people even realising it’s already there. Nelson Mandela stated “no one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

Have you ever spoken to a young child and heard them pointing out that their fellow class mate is a sikh, a muslim, a christian, a hindu? That the colour of their skin is white, brown or black? That the way they dress or eat is different to them? Their immediate and natural spoken word is to consider another child their age as their friend… Friend. See that link? Instant connection. Free of social conformity, free of any negative influences – a bridge between two, pure souls.

So my question is why has “religion” become such a dogmatic and shallow wall within society, when it is not natural for it to be that way? Why has religion become the ritual and not the LIVING of truth, not the living of consciousness? Religion has been created throughout the ages for man to self realise, to self actualise. The small differences amongst world religions are a result of man’s perception of their experience, but what is experienced and wrote about has always been the same. The source is ONE and the commonality can be seen across scriptures. Just as one ray of light can be reflected into so many different colours, the energy from which we all take form can be experienced in just as many ways as there are souls on Earth. Yet importance is still given to those small differences, not what holds the essence of life. Religion literally means – to bind to consciousness. Isn’t that something we all have? A sense of consciousness? So then why does it have to be, that the tangible diversity we see within the world is a barrier before a form of beauty, before it being a meeting point it is a dividing point? Why is it that as a result of such man made walls, humans have forgotten how to respect their fellow neighbour? How is it all happening? How is humanity degrading more as the days go on? More bloodshed, more violence, more and more inequality…

Strip it all away. Strip away intellect, careers, politics, the arts, cultures, religions, dress, diet, way of life… What would be the ONE thing left amongst every single human being? …The ability to love, and the need to feel loved. I feel like people are just failing to understand what it means to be HUMAN(e).

Imagine a world where we were all the same? Robots; same jobs, same lives – day in, day out. How would we thrive off the highs and lows, how would we learn, explore and be inspired by new things? How would we grow as individuals? It’s all there to enjoy, to gain from, to enhance our experience here on Earth as human beings. But such differences gives no human the right to point fingers because someone in their perception is wrong, the way they look is wrong, their decisions are wrong. We are all connected through one common link – a link of love and compassion. But if you do not realise this, how can you expect someone else to feel an open energy with you? How can you expect others to respect you if you fail to respect them? If you don’t agree with them, let them be. What is the need to disrespect through words and actions and bring harm onto anyone? What do you gain other than a massaged ego, which holds no value anyway? When there isn’t enough time to love those around us, I don’t understand how people find the time to hate.

The interesting thing about what connects us is that it is limitless; the more you give, the more you’ll receive in return. It’s a plane from which you decide what you wish to take; if you choose to believe that you are the effect of a random universe that does not care about you, then your experience of life will reflect that, whereas if you genuinely think of yourself as the effect of a loving universe, you will encounter the same. Change will only come when there’s an equal give and take of understanding, no matter what someone’s lifestyle – religion or no religion, belief in a higher being or not. Basic consideration is something we can all easily have and give, it is merely being aware of our own open outlook and perceptions, or lack of it for that matter. I strongly feel it all begins with our individual action within our individual journeys, which will have a snowball effect and touch the lives of others.

The religion of human(u)nity starts with YOU. To bridge the world, and restore the connection which has clearly lost importance in so many lives, we must start from within. Holding onto any form of negativity, how can we progress in the truest sense? What is the point of holding onto anger, grudges, pride – all for the sake of limited and deceitful satisfaction? You think you’ll gain some stature or respect – but to me, that’s only achievable when you humble yourself, because it’s only with humility in your heart, you can love freely, irrespective of what or whom you are loving.

We are all valuable. We are all capable of amazing things, individually and more so – together. Humans are fallible to mistakes – it is part of our nature. But why should we limit ourselves by allowing our insecurities, regrets and pasts to own and define us? Why give it so much unnecessary importance? Time is of the essence; let’s rise above! We all have the potential to live happily, but I feel we must be open enough to let happiness in; to be true humans by adopting actual human values into our lives. I humbly pray we can all spread such light, for that’s what we will truly be remembered for. I know I’d rather choose a life worthy of inspiration than one that had little meaning and depth. I pray that we can let our actions and words lift others up and not bring them down, to bridge our communities with kindness and tolerance, whatever is within our reach. To realise our maximum capacity and use it to bring whatever good we can to the table – piece by peace because our world; it’s too small for walls.

There is no intention for this article to offend or hurt anyone, so my sincere apologies if I unknowingly have.

“BE within samaya, aware of ‘the’ samaya.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

– Vibhati

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